The Committees

Some activities, which are all the bigger activities of the Dispuut, are taken care of by special committees. These committees consist of four to six students, at least one of which is a member of the board. 


The activity committee is responsible for organising a number of activities for Dispuut member ranging from ice skating to beer tasting to curling matches. Most importantly, the committee organises an annual sailing weekend where the Dispuut sets sail for adventure the high seas. This year's committee members are Rob Deckers, Felipe Gonzalez Gonzalez, Andrea Elshof, Kyra Wouters and Jacco Breedijk.


The Druppel committee is the hardworking team behind the beloved Druppel magazine. The current editors are Agnindhira Napitupulu, Anna Waqué, Athina Pappa, Emilie Buist, Odilia Schölvinck, Sruthi Sathyadevan and Thibaut Visser led by Bart Schilperoort. They deliver four issues per year filled with interesting and insightful topics not only from our department but the entire world.

For more information, see the Druppel page.


The Fitterij committee organizes a student version of the Fitterij competition. Typically held between drinking water companies, the Dispuut WM introduced the competition in 2012 which was met with high participation and success. The next Fitterij will be held in Spring 2016.

For more information, see the Fitterij page.


The GVR stands for Grote Verre Reis (Freely translated: A great trip far, far away). This trip is organised once each two years, alternated with the MDE (Multiple Day Excursion). Currently planning stage, this year's GVR will be going to Ethiopia in July. The committee members include Hugo Hagedooren, Anna Goense, Twanne Roor, Cristina Cominelli, Ivar Abbas, Lexy Ratering Arntz and Rob Deckers.

For more information see the 2016 GVR page and the trip website.


Each year the committee organizes a symposium covering a wide range of topics in the watermanagement field. Carefully selected speakers and panel members share their insight on ground-breaking research, innovative approaches and social issues in the field. This year's committee members are Evelien Martens, Petra Izeboud, Martine Rottink, Selina Klemm and Ajar Sharma.

For an overview of past and future events, see the Symposium page.