The 'Dispuut Watermanagement'

The 'Dispuut Watermanagement' is a society for students of the Department of Water Management at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Delft University of Technology. It was founded in 1980 and presently counts around 300 members (students and supporters).

Our Goals

1. Primarily, the board is focused on linking students, TU staff members, alumni, and prospective Water Management MSc students through a variety of activities. These activities shall get students in touch with the practice of water management, and promote and improve the contact between the department and the students. The activities consist of one day field-orientated excursions, visiting companies - presentations and lectures.

2. Every year there is an excursion of multiple days and there is a foreign country trip every 2 years. Previous foreign country trips have brought us to India, Egypt, Malaysia, Singapore, China, Australia, Vietnam and Ethiopia. Every year, the dispuut organizes a symposium for students, TU Delft employees and professionals. For companies there is the opportunity to sponsor these activities.

3. Furthermore, the 'Dispuut Watermanagement' keeps an eye on the quality of education at the Department of Water Management.

Honorary Members

We would like to give some extra credit to the following persons, as they have had a large influence in how the Dispuut is today:

Ir. Hans Hartong Prof. ir. Jan Kop Ir. Pieter Huisman Prof. ir. Robert Brouwer Prof. Ir. Hans van Dijk
Founder of 'Dispuut Watermanagement' Emeritus Professor on Sanitary Engineering Emeritus Associate Professor on Integral Water Management and Water Law Emeritus Professor on Irrigation and Drainage Emeritus Professor in Drinking Water Engineering

Honorary member since: 09-10-1980

Honorary member since: 28-05-1990

Honorary member since: 02-10-2003

Honorary member since: 15-12-2005

Honorary member since: 21-05-2010