Contact Information

Dispuut Watermanagement

Faculteit CiTG, TU Delft
Stevinweg 1, kamer 4.74
2628CN Delft
The Netherlands

T: +31(0)152784284
F: +31(0)152785559

K.v.K. (40) - 397772
ING : NL 97 INGB 0006 9883 85


Career opportunities

Dispuut Watermanagement wants to be a close link between the students and companies or the TU Delft. This also does involve helping the students with getting their first steps as a professional in a renomated surrounding, and helping the companies getting enthousiastic involvement of students with new ideas into their branch. Therefore we are offering internships, thesis opportunities or job offers after checking which of these are suitable for the students at Water Management.

If you are looking for an intern or even have a job to offer for fresh graduated Water Managers, please contact us via the contact information on the right. We will make sure it reaches the students via the website, the monthly newsletter and our notice board on the faculty.

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