Nutrient recovery and green fertilizer production

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Nijhuis Industries

Nijhuis Industries delivers solid solutions for sustainable water use & resource recovery, with the highest level of intelligent innovations across a wide range of industries. We meet today’s challenges as well as those of the future, as a response towards a CIRCULAR economy in a ‘fluid’ world.

To accommodate the customer requirements, Nijhuis offers customized installations, to create profit out of (waste)water, process water and waste.

With more than 2400 references sites and activities in over 110 countries around the globe, it is our ambition to help customers and deliver solutions to:
• Reduce the amount of (waste)water and effluent charges;
• Reuse treated effluent or process water;
• Recover water and resources from your waste and (waste) water.


The agricultural sector has a large environmental impact. On a global scale, the agricultural sector is responsible for around 30% of the total greenhouse gas emissions, while eutrophication and surface water pollution are an issue on a regional scale.

Nijhuis works on circular concepts to reduce this environmental impact by refining phosphorus, nitrogen, potassium and clean water from the surplus of livestock manure and producing bio based green fertilizers.

The produced green minerals ensures regional balanced fertilization by dosing sufficient individual nitrogen, phosphate or potassium fertilizers for pasture land or arable crops. This will reduces the rinse of fertilizers into ground and surface water and reduces the use of the chemical fertilizers.

Type of education: BSc or MSc Chemical, (Bio)Process or Environmental Engineering
Location: Nijhuis Water Technology, Doetinchem
Duration: 4 – 6 months
Start: September 2017

Goal and activities

The goal of this internship or graduation project is to further develop and optimize the Nijhuis Ammonia Recovery system. This internship project will be carried out by performing a series of laboratory experiments to find the optimal operational conditions, recovery efficiencies and fertilizer qualities.
In addition, you will make an estimation of the investment and running costs to compare the green fertilizer production to conventional fertilizers.

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