The 'Dispuut Watermanagement' organises the evaluation of courses and discusses the results with the lecturers and the Department of Water Management. The 'Dispuut Watermanagement' also organises the information for new water management students.

Every quarter the 'Dispuut Watermanagement' will evaluate some of the given courses. The individual courses will be evaluated at least once every two years. We greatly appreciate both the cooperation of the teachers and the valuable response of the students. It is important that many students give their comments to improve the courses.



The Watermanagement MSc-track offers the following 6 specialisations:

Programme MSc Watermanagement 2013-2014


MSc graduation

Since the 1st of February 2014 the procedure for the MSc graduation has changed. The diploma will be handed out during the MSc thesis defence. For explanations and specific requirements look at the checklists for MSc graduation: