The Fitterij-competition is an all-known competition amongst drinking water companies. Even yearly world championships are held between these companies. However, for other companies working in the water branches, and even for us as students, these competitions are relatively unknown. This was a reason for us to show it to the outher world, and thus the Student Fitterij-Competitition was born in Delft in 2012.

During the competition teams of two battle against each other to see who 'fits' their tap the fastest and with the least amount of leakages. It sounds easy, but it is a very tough job. First, you have to drill a hole in a large pipe, where smaller pipes should be placed on which lead towards your tap. Your teammate has to prepare this tap in the mean time. And all this under an immense pressure created by a cheering crowd. In 2012 the event was completed with other activities, such as the famous 'kraantje drukken', 'walking on water' and even a contest with which you could win an indoor skydiving experience.

The competition is a nice place for sponsors to present themselves at one of the available stands. During the competition, there's plenty of time for the students to walk around, and it's held in the middle of the campus.