On Friday the 10th of June, Dispuut Watermanagement organized the yearly Fitterij in cooperation with KNW and the help of instructors from Waternet, Brabant Water, Vitens and Waterbedrijf Groningen. With 28 enthusiastic participants, nice weather and a great barbecue this year’s edition of the Fitterij was a success!

The Fitterij is a competition of two game elements. A team of 2 is challenged to construct a new tap connection in the first game a.k.a. pipe fitting. In the second game ‘kraantje drukken’ a hole in a pressurized pipe should be closed. Both elements should be completed as fast as possible, but teams will get penalties if there are errors in fitting and constructing the pipes.

The program started in the morning with an explanation of the elements to all participants, followed by a lunch prepared by the dispute members, after which the competition started. During the afternoon the event attracted many people who came by to have a look. Especially the pressurized pipe, which sprayed water up to several meters high was spectacular element to see. It became clear that this second challenge required a skill, which not everyone possesses by nature.

In the end it were Anna and Boran who managed to construct the new tap connection and to close the pressurized pipe the quickest. We want to congratulate them and thank all teams for their participation on the Fitterij 2016. Finally, we especially express our gratitude for the platforms and companies that made the event possible: KNW, Waternet, Brabant Water, Vitens, Waterbedrijf Groningen, Saint-Gobain, Conval, Oasen, HSF and Beulco.

Thank you all for the awesome day. We’re looking forward to next year!

Fitterij Committee – Dispuut Watermanagement

For photos,  click here!.