Study Tours

The Dispuut has a rich tradition if it comes to organizing study tours all over the world. The first trips dates back to 1994, when a group of students visited Indonesia. The Dispuut organizes two alternating types of study tours every year. One is the Multiple Day Excursion (MDE) the other the Grote Verre Reis (Great Trip far, far away; GVR). As the names suggest, the MDE has a duration of around 10 days and visits a relatively nearby country (mainly Europe), while the GVR can take around three weeks in a country which is located outside of Europe.

During both excursions, which take place during the Dutch academic summer holiday, the main focus is put on visiting interesting water management related projects all around the world with an enthusiastic group of students and staff members. Costs of these trips are limited as much as possible, because it is important that all students have the opportunity to join the study tours and are able to visit the water management projects we hear about during our lectures. This is made possible by the good connections with the companies who cooperate the projects, and by the sponsors of the Dispuut who gain great visibility before, during and after the trip; their donation is very much appreciated.

The GVR 2016 goes to: Ethiopia!

Overview of a few GVR destinations of the past two decades.