The Dispuut Watermanagement is excited to announce our annual study trip. More information will soon be made available through our website and Facebook pages. Please take a moment to read the letter below if you are interested in joining the 2014 GVR.

UPDATE: All available positions for the trip are currently filled although we may open addition spots if finances permit. In such a case, Dispuut members will be notified by email, through the website and through the Dispuut Facebook page.

An open letter to Dispuut Watermanagement members regarding subscription for the 2014 GVR to Colombia.


Dear Dispuut Members,

I would like to let you know that it will be possible to subscribe to this year’s GVR trip from Monday, the 10th of February. There will be a sheet placed outside the Dispuut Room at 13:00, so if you want to come on the trip, just write your name on it.
However, there is some important information you should know, things to think about before deciding to come. So please read carefully the following description.

The dates of the tour are between the 7th and 28th of July, 2014. We will travel to Bogotá with the Portuguese airline TAP, changing flights in Lisbon. There is an opportunity for a small extra fee (approx. 50 euros) to book the return two weeks later, on the 11th of August. In case you would like to have this arrangement, let us know when subscribing. Transatlantic flights to South-America are very expensive; therefore we have to finalize the bookings soon.
Within Colombia, we will be visiting three main regions: Bogotá, Cali and the Caribbean coast near Santa Marta. We are at the process of finding interesting projects to visit, with the focus being on actual site visit instead of only lectures. Fun activities are also organized, leaving options for people with different interests. Further details about the projects and the activities will appear on our website as soon as they are fixed. (The website will be running shortly at:

At the first subscription we will have 10 places open. With this group size we can guarantee that the price will be no more than 1250 euros. This will include the costs of travel between Colombia and the Netherlands, inland travel, accommodation for the three weeks, visits to the projects and some meals and leisure activities. We are working hard on finding sponsors, which will firstly allow for another 3-5 students to come and then to further reduce the fee. Information about the extra places will appear at the beginning of March.

Upon subscription you will agree to the above mentioned details, and we will ask for a deposit within a few weeks. This is to secure your place and will be used to pay for the deposit of the flights. Therefore we would like only people who are committed to join the trip to subscribe.

We can assure you that the whole trip committee is working hard on making a great trip, on designing these three weeks full of exciting projects and unforgettable experiences. If you would like to ask for any more information, just write to ask on the Facebook page, or ask us in person.
We will be interested in seeing your name on the list next Monday.

Best wishes,

The GVR 2014 Committee

Damien Allen
Balazs Csuvar
Abel Heinsbroek
Sara Izquierdo
Dave de Koning