This year’s study trip will dive into the water knowledge and projects of our neighbours, the UK. The study trip will set off in London, where we will look into the ongoing urban water management projects such as the billion dollar Thames Tideway Tunnel. We will be enlightened about the water infrastructure challenges of the Olympic Park and next to that we’ll visit initiatives to make London’s water usage greener.

We will continue our trip to Southampton where we will explore the water and coast interaction. We’ll travel to Bristol where we will bring a visit to several research institutions in the field of hydrology, water treatment and purification. Bristol has been announced by the European Commission as the ‘European Green Capital 2015’. After our visit in Bristol we will discover the natural beauty of Snowdonia with its rich natural watersheds. There we will also find large reservoir dams combined with hydropower generation.

We will end our journey after passing by Liverpool in the area of Manchester. Here we plan to visit industrial sites dealing with water issues and areas threatened by flooding.   


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