This year we are going to Ethiopia from 3rd July, 2016 to 24th July, 2016 


The study tour has two main objectives, one providing the students with a cultural experience and two giving them the opportunity to experience water management projects in the field.

Ethiopia is a very special country in sub-Saharan Africa, it is the only country that has never been colonialized by Europeans. The culture is very rich, Jewish, Christian and Islamic influences have left impressive ancient buildings over centuries. Besides these larger religions, there exists a great variety of traditional African(Ethiopian) faiths. In total, the country counts around 80 different Ethnic groups, all with their own language.

Besides the rich culture, Ethiopia is also interesting from a water management perspective. The North-Western part of the country is where the Blue Nile, one of The Great Nile's tributaries, originates from Lake Tana, the greatest lake of the country. This area is also known as ‘The Water Tower of Africa’. Meanwhile the South is frequently plagued by heavy droughts. At the moment only 42% of the countries population has access to a clean water supply and only 11% has access to adequate sanitation ( Proving there are many opportunities present in the country that are intriguing for a group of future water engineers.

Therefore Ethiopia is an excellent choice to learn something about a different culture, while at the same time get to know the challenges that the field of water management has to offer.