PWN Company Case 2016

Last updated: 18 November 2016 at 16:14

On Monday the 28th of October about 20 students were scheduled to head towards the PWN office in Velserbroek. Even though it was a Monday morning, some students were missing at the departure time which turned out to be an artifact of a local flu epidemic. Of course ‘the show must go on’, so the remaining healthy-enthusiastic (and awake) participants set off towards the northern part of Holland.

We were hosted at the main office of PWN where we were welcomed with a premium coffee to boost us into Monday morning focus. The company presentation demonstrated what PWN was all about; treating mainly surface water from various sources into a high quality product on a large scale. We also visited the office of one of the operators controlling the drinking water flow of half the province through 6 computer screens.

The main focus of the case was to find a new usable source for the extraction of raw water for the future. Every step needed to be accounted for; from the amount of water and the treatment process to the distribution and pricing, making the case interesting for students with different backgrounds in Watermanagement.

At the end of the day the proposed solutions were presented using excellent quality non-digital graphics and a high doses of recently gained knowledge. Although the problem of the ‘third anchor’ for PWN is not an urgent one, it resulted in an interesting discussion at the end of the day. We concluded with drinks that were much appreciated to start the week.

Many thanks to the Dispuut and PWN for making this day possible.

Teije van der Horst