On behalf of all students and staff of TU Delft, Dispuut Watermanagement would like to give a lot of thanks to its partners. Without these sponsors, almost all of the activities of the Dispuut wouldn't be possible. 

If you're also a person working for a company carrying a warm hart for the Dispuut, and if you would like to reach the students for instance for internships, don't hesitate to contact us. We have a lot of ways to reach these students, and can therefore make sure both parties will get the best out of the coöperation. An overview of the sponsoring possibilities can be found in this document.

Thank you in advance!




ARCADIS is an international company providing management, consulting and engineering services on socially relevant issues having to do with mobility, environment and spatial planning, housing and work and water.

The Water division advises and assists clients and partners in the field of coasts and rivers, harbors and waterways, regional and urban water. Aware of the threat of water in a country below sea level, we now focus especially on exploiting the opportunities that water offers our country. We come up with new, innovative ways that will ensure the future security of our low-lying country. We can these innovations occupy a strong position in the international water market. Examples include our projects in New Orleans, the development of new technologies such as intelligent delta levees, new forms of living and working on the water, water storage in combination with other features, and intelligent port and navigation systems.


Deltares is a leading, independent, Dutch-based research institute and specialist consultancy for matters Relating to water, soil and the subsurface. We apply our advanced expertise to help people live safely and sustainably in delta areas, coastal areas and river basins. We conduct research and providence specialist advisory services for government and the corporate sector Authorities in The Netherlands and globally. The essence of our work is the development, application and sharing of knowledge. We develop knowledge in partnerships with universities, other knowledge Institutions and the business sector, not only in government but usefull Research Programmes in contract research. Deltares HAS more than 800 employees, and we are based in Delft and Utrecht. Economic activity, rising Populations, falling land levels and the impact of climate change are generating increase increasing pressure on habitable space in deltas, river basins and coastal areas Throughout the world. Deltares Has The knowledge and the resources needed to tackle water and subsurface issues in a new, integrated way. When water, soil and the subsurface are critical factors, the debate will be about more than just technological issues. For example, we take into account spatial planning, together with the range of policy agendas and interests, and legal and economic processes. Ook naturally plays an Important role. So issues must be Booking.com, from various angles. Deltares Applies the relevant knowledge in integrated ways. Sophisticated combinations of Measures resulting in more sustainable, liveable, and or at more economic solutions. We call this integrated approach 'delta technology'.


Our goal is the sustainable shaping of the living environment, using high-grade technological solutions thathave the support of society in general.


Dunea produces and supplies approximately 1.2 million customers tasty and safe drinking water in the western part of South Holland. We receive annually one million holidaymakers in the dunes between Monster and Katwijk. We manage this beautiful nature and protect drinking water. We have been doing for 135 years. Clean drinking water, rest and space in the Randstad are the basis for a good life. We are always looking for (new) solutions and opportunities for water and nature.


Evides Water is a water company that supplies reliable and tasty drinking water to 2.5 million clients in its home market, located in the southern part of the province of South Holland, in the entire province of Zeeland and the Brabantse Wal. Drinking water is prepared from water extracted 80% from the river Maas, 16% from ground water, and 4% from dune water. In total it is the second-largest water company in The Netherlands based on supply connections, supply volumes and revenue.

Water for industrial clients is extracted 42% from the river Maas, 33% from the lake Brielsemeer, 14% from the rivers Rhine and Elbe, and 14% from smaller, local sources. We are one of the strongest players in northwestern Europe in the market for water-on-demand solutions for industrial applications.

Evides also treats waste water from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and industrial complexes in Vlissingen (Sloe) and in Delfzijl.

National Water Traineeship

Working on the future, which is what matters at the National Water Traineeship. The next few years the water sector requires a growing number of highly skilled water professionals. With the right skills, knowledge and a broad outlook, they can tomorrow's challenges!
Moving water, bubbles, lives and gives life. Water is vital, exciting and always challenging, which makes working in the water sector is unique. The National Water Traineeship gives you the opportunity to make a rousing start in this sector!

The National Water Traineeship in brief:
During the start of your career water you are part of a special program. For a period of two years work four days a week at an organization within the water sector. The fifth day you will follow an intensive training and coaching sessions focus on self-management, personal development and different competences. In addition, you work together with the other trainees on behalf of the participating clients on challenging projects. Because of this, you learn not only your own, but also various other organizations and know their specific challenges within the water sector.
We start 2x a year (April and October) with a new group of trainees in the program. So sign up!


HKV LINE delivers WATER, as an independent agency, high-quality research and consulting services in the field of water and security at home and abroad.  Our customers from the public and private sector use our exp ertise ranging from broad, exploratory studies to specialist desk studies . Technical content quality plays a central role.

HKV employees are highly qualified and internationally recognized experts, often with long experience in their field and extensive knowledge of the complex world of water management.


Civil Engineering is a great profession. But when you are a graduate of the Technical College or University is the choice not so easy. What are your capabilities as a starter in the market? It is a job with a contractor at an engineering firm, a government, or something completely different?  Just try it all!

Become a trainee at Jelmer and build your talent. Together with our business partners, we help you for three years to make the most of your interests and knowledge. You sharpen your skills with inspiring workouts and you build a valuable network that you can use well after your traineeship!

Jelmer offers a multi-company traineeship with reputable business partners, since fewer and fewer young people choosing civil engineering. The number of students is decreasing and after the study chooses many civil engineer still for another career. Jelmer wants young experts the opportunity to get to know the field and to develop themselves in this market. So they can experience how diverse and exciting the civil engineer profession is. Our business partners like to work on with it; For them is a continuous influx of young talent developed indeed vital.  In 2010, the first Jelmer trainees finished their three-year journey.


Purifies the Green Heart of the Netherlands and Oasen transports annually some 46 billion liters of drinking water. More than 250 committed employees ensure every day that water of impeccable quality for our customers from the tap. They all have a passion for drinking water: each in his own way. This club skilled employees we are building the drinking water supply for the future. We do this in a transparent, modern and opinionated way. Good is not good enough for us. Better than may.

Do you have a passion for drinking water or do you want to discover if you have a passion for drinking water? Look at werkenbijoasen.nl

Nelen & Schuurmans

Nelen & Schuurmans is a consultant in the field of water management, the public and private sector supports strategic and operational water issues.  Our group consists of highly qualified consultants in various disciplines such as hydrology, water management, water quality, ecology, physical geography, mathematics and information technology.

Our advice is based on thorough knowledge of the underlying problem, which we have not only to look at substantive issues, but explicitly take into account the interests involved in the organizational and legal aspects.  Important values ??are Customisable theid, innovation, quality and 'a deal is a deal '. Every project we see as a challenge, which we like to actively think along with you about all the facets that make a project successful.


PWN Water Supply Company North Holland delivers water to all North Hollanders, with the exception of Amsterdam and Hilversum. Annual flows hundred and five million cubic meters of drinking water through a 10,000 kilometer long pipeline to 720,000 individuals, businesses and institutions. Water purification takes place in Andijk, Bergen, Heemskerk, Wijk aan Zee and the dunes. In addition, PWN manages on behalf of the Province of Noord-Holland various nature and large parts of the dunes from Zandvoort to Bergen. These areas receive seven million times a year visit. As a monopolist in our service area, we see it as our responsibility to provide reliable water and acceptable price and to provide outstanding service to our customers.

Royal HaskoningDHV

Royal HaskoningDHV is a leading independent, international project management and engineering consulting service provider. Specialising in planning and transport, infrastructure, water, m aritime, aviation, industry, energy, mining and buildings, each year They Contribute to the delivery of some 30,000 projects around the world on Behalf of our public and private sector clients.

Axis leaders in sustainability and innovation, They are deeply committed to continuous improvement, business integrity and sustainable development, and work withtheir clients, stakeholders and communities to Enhance society together.

Prior to merging on 1 July 2012, Royal Haskoning and DHV have successfully delivered millions of world class projects during the past two centuries. With roots established in The Netherlands, the UK and South Africa, Their combined experience and longevity spans more than 225 years. Now, as one company, theyhave the power to make a bigger difference in the world As They rise to the challenges of our 21st century planet, towards a better, brighter future.  Today Royal HaskoningDHV ranks in the top 10 of global, Independently Owned , non-listed companies and top 40 overall. This makes them the first choice consultancy for involvement in major world themes, zoals 'pit-to-port', food and water scarcity, the development of mega-cities, and sustainable infrastructure and energy resources and supply, zoals wave and hydro power. They are usefull well positioned to Contribute to the latest business models, zoals Public-Private Partnership.


Vewin, the Association of Dutch Water Companies, Promotes the joint interests of the Dutch water companies. Within this broadly defined task, the association works must Importantly as a lobbying organization. Clearly it voices the views of the water supply sector, on all national and European political platforms. In Addition to this, Vewin supports its members with information and various activities Relating to research, science, public information and promotion. Main issues are: Security & Crisis Management, Efficiency, Transparency, Water Chain & Benchmark, Drinking Water Quality, Infrastructure, Innovations and Taxes and Subsidies.


Wareco the Dutch engineering firm in the field of water, soil and foundations. Our strength is the integration and combination of specializations. We do research and give advice. We plan and supervise the implementation. Enthusiastic, personal and innovative. For 30 years we provide customized, resulting in high quality and durable, cost-effective solutions.

From its offices in Amstelveen Wareco Deventer and serves approximately 60 professionals, governments, businesses and individuals.


Water is all around us. Whether it is to live, work and recreate. Or for health, food, energy and transport. All that water forms a cycle, the water cycle. Waternet is the only water company in the Netherlands that focuses on the entire water cycle. From the cleaning of waste water, purifying and delivering drinking water to the clean and keeping the surface water level. In our work are five values: sustainability, customer focus, safety, prominence and innovation. 

We align all processes with each other; from drinking water to wastewater treatment. So we get the best out of the water around us. And contribute thus to the environment, society and the economy. We are working with water clear. Because customers with their questions and ideas can come to a single organization. With all the water disciplines, we may also work more efficiently under one roof, and often cheaper. Water and society, they are always in motion. Hence, new insights which continuously are needed. Together with customers, companies and we work together on innovative and creative solutions. Safety is paramount: to maintain the water level, clean (drinking) water supply and flood prevention. We work with the entire water cycle and pick up as the best water. We use modern techniques, respect for nature. We always look beyond our own work and are open to new ideas. Water supply with other parties constantly looking for innovative solutions. Not only in the world of water, but also energy and waste sectors and spatial planning.

Waterschap Rivierenland

The river area is the part of the Netherlands between the rivers from the German border to Dordrecht. It is one of the most beautiful areas of the Netherlands. Here Rivierenland Water ensures that the inhabitants of the river can safely live, work and recreate in their beautiful but fragile environment. We do this by working on flood prevention, proper water management and purification of sewage. 





Witteveen & Bos

Witteveen + Bos provides advice and designs in the areas of water, infrastructure, environment and construction. We put our top expertise to solve complex issues and we are a committed partner for our clients. We value our independence and corporate culture in which every employee gets the best out of themselves, the talents fully utilized and provide maximum customer value.

Our actions are driven by a healthy dose of ambition. The ambition to grow as an organization and as individuals, to excel in our field and to grow as entrepreneurial consultants and engineers. We also have the ambition to tackle social issues and matters so that our approach matters and actually means something for society.


Water Supply Company Drenthe (WMD) represents a sustainable and efficient supply of drinking water for the inhabitants of the province of Drenthe.  We would like utility optimal care of the drinking water supply for the citizens of Drenthe and secure for generations to come. With a view to public health, quality and reliability of supply must be guaranteed. We accomplish this task in a socially responsible manner, in cooperation with our environment. With an eye for sustainability, efficiency, customer focus and continuously working on innovation. With our knowledge and experience, we want to contribute to development of the drinking water supplies elsewhere in the world.

WMD will be recognized as a reliable water company with an eye for the needs of our customers. The highest possible quality at a socially acceptable price and security of supply are our priorities.  WMD is aware of social responsibilities and therefore strives as recognizable company for sustainable and environmentally sound solutions.  WMD wants to establish itself nationally and internationally on the water market with different and innovative water activities. In all these activities, the care for nature, the environment and the environment in which we operate centrally.